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  Annual Meeting Luncheon Photos - Photos from our annual meeting luncheon of December 10, 2023, that followed the annual meeting and services.  (Read more...)


  Pumpkin Carving Event - Photos of the October 21, 2023 event.  (Read more...)


  Fall Crafts Event - September 2023 - St. Mark's held a Fall Crafting Saturday at the end of September and had 6 ladies attend.  (Read more...)


  St. Mark's Indoor Picnic and History Exhibit - St. Mark's held its "picnic" in fellowship hall on July 9, 2023. An exhibit from the archives provide some historical background.  (Read more...)


  Sam Robinson's July 4 Concert - St. Mark's celebrated July 4, 2023 with a concert. Watch it here  (Read more...)


  St Marks Indoor Picnic - We enjoyed a picnic lunch on July 24, 2022 in the comfort of Fellowship Hall.  (Read more...)


  Photos from St. Mark's July 4, 2022 Hospitality - St. Mark's resumed it's July 4 hospitality after 2 years absence. Many hot dogs & much pop corn was consumed!   (Read more...)


  Making Advent Wreaths - We gathered on Sunday, November 28 to make Advent Wreaths, for St. Mark's families to use at home during the Advent season.  (Read more...)


  Pumpkin Carving Fun - Pumpkins turned into Jack-O'Lanterns for a very fun evening!  (Read more...)


  St. Mark's July 4, 2019 Events - July 4 revelers visited St. Mark's for hot dogs, pop corn, patriotic music and fireworks on Independence Day. It was a fun time for all.  (Read more...)


  Photos from the 2019 Hobby Expo - Check out the Hobby Expo photos. From plants to music to baskets to staging. Its all there.  (Read more...)


  Pumpkins! - Pumpkin carving took place on October 27, in preparation for Halloween. About 20 people attended and were involved with the carving.   (Read more...)


  Photos from July 4 Hospitality - A St. Mark's tradition: popcorn, hot dogs, drinks and friendly faces greet visitors to Williamsport on July 4.  (Read more...)


  Celebrating the Passover Seder - Celebrating the Passover Seder at St. Mark's Lutheran Church  (Read more...)


  March Lunch & Fellowship - At the community lunch on March 21, almost 50 people were served (the pasta and meatballs were excellent).   (Read more...)


  Welcoming Advent - Our annual Advent tradition of wreath making continued this year. On Sunday, November 26, approximately 12 members built their wreaths. As usual - each was a unique piece of art.  (Read more...)


  Consecration Sunday - The Consecration Sunday celebration continues to be very important in the life of St. Mark's congregation. We celebrated the day with food and fellowship.  (Read more...)


  Lunch ‘N Fellowship E-X-P-A-N-D-S! - Our Lunch ‘N Fellowship has become a free community meal open to all who come through our doors.   (Read more...)


  Celebrating July 4 with St. Mark's - On July 4, 2017, St. Mark's continued the annual tradition of sharing the spirit of our congregation with our friends and neighbors. From our hospitality tent, we gave away 100's of hot dogs; cases of soda and water, boxes of snacks and buckets full of popcorn. The free concert was enjoyed by over 100 guests. The night was topped off with a wonderful fireworks show.  (Read more...)


  Summer picnic photos - The summer picnic took place at Indian Park. It was a good time.  (Read more...)