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1.27.2018 - Lent 2018 Activities

12.25.2017 - Celebrating Christmas Eve at St. Mark's

12.17.2017 - Remembrance Service

12.15.2017 - Thank You for the Christmas Gifts

12.12.2017 - Williamsport Civic Chorus Concert & Kids’ Night Out

12.6.2017 - Welcoming Advent

11.16.2017 - Successful St. Mark's Blood Drive

11.13.2017 - Operation Christmas Child

11.5.2017 - All Saints Day 2017

10.27.2017 - Joint Catholic-Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation

10.23.2017 - Consecration Sunday

10.21.2017 - Preparation for Consecration Sunday

10.21.2017 - Harvest Home Sunday

10.8.2017 - Blanket Sunday 2017

9.30.2017 - Lycoming College Involvement Fair

9.27.2017 - St. Mark's Celebrates the Reformation in October

9.27.2017 - Lunch ‘N Fellowship E-X-P-A-N-D-S!

9.18.2017 - The Rite of Confirmation 2017

9.17.2017 - Celebration 2017

9.6.2017 - Thank-you Donna Elkin

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VBS 2017

Pandamania VBS


VBS 2017Our Pandamania vacation bible school this year was held from June 18 to June 22, 2017. Supper was served at 5:30pm and the program lasting from 6-8pm.

We had 13 campers and approximately 30 people total with teen helpers and teachers.

The campers enjoyed snacks, games, crafts, music, a movie and class time.Our last night was a shortened schedule with a campfire and smores in the courtyard.

A huge thank you to the following teen helpers and helpers: Vicki Hausmann, Laura Schreckengast, Linda and Lou DeSeau, Bob Miller, Janet Jones, Connie Shaible, Donna Elkin, Audrey Cumerford, Ed and Brenda Gair, Owen Gair, Jonah Schreckengast, Grace Schreckengast, Taylor Wentzel, Sadie Wentzel, Mindy Wentzel, Sean Jensen, Devin Owen, Hannah Haussmann, Ben Haussmann., Elizabeth Haussmann and Lois Smith.

Michele would like to thank everyone for making this a very fun and successful VBS!!!!

VBS 2017